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    Artist’s Statement by David Adler

    Son of Holocaust Survivor Anton and Renee Adler


    In December 2013 I was home visiting my family.  This trip home was different.  I brought my camera gear with me as I knew, with my father’s declining health, that it was important to capture this image.  I spoke with my father about what I wanted him to do and he asked me why. 

    I stated, “Dad as much as I love you, you won’t be around forever, and if I don’t capture your image with your number, then it will be gone forever”.  I stated “you have been through hell and back and you have an awesome family to show for it.”  After I explained this to him, he put on the tallit and opened his Siddur, and I proceeded to take many pictures from many different angles. 

    When I got back home to Georgia I reviewed the pictures and stored them away, it wasn’t time.   My father’s health continued to decline and he passed on Feb 3, 2017.  It wasn’t until early January 2021 that I pulled out the images and started to work on the piece. 

    There are two reasons why it took nearly four years to complete.  First, it took time to get a vision of what I wanted to create when it finally came to me.  Second, my mother, Renee’s 90th birthday was January 28, 2021, and I want to make sure that she had the image for her birthday.  


    The image was printed on a metal substrate where the texture of the metal was purposely printed to create a dark, striking effect.  My sisters and I each have this piece in our homes and openly share it with all so that WE WILL NEVER FORGET!!

    Editor’s Note

    David Adler has graciously donated a rendering of the Holocaust photographic collage for the Center’s educational use and exhibitions.


    Refer to Artist's Statement in David Adler's Biography Above

  • Sources and Credits:


    SSBJCC Phone Interview with David Neil Adler, son, May 20, 2021; Interviewer, Nancy Gorrell; Donation of Holocaust Photographic Collage reproduction by David Neil Adler; Donation of historic and family photographs of Anton Adler by David Neil Adler.

    SSBJCC Holocaust Memorial and Education Center gratefully acknowledges David Neil Adler’s donation of a reproduction of the Holocaust photographic collage for educational use and exhibitions.