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Helen and Sol Krawitz Holocaust Memorial Education Center

Shimon and Sara Birnbaum Jewish Community Center

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This memorial is dedicated to all those who perished during the Holocaust, those

who survived and struggled to go on living and their descendants who continue to question why.

The circle represents the circle of life and the world we all live in.

The stars in the heaven are to honor those who were killed in the Holocaust and live on in our hearts and especially in the hearts of their families.

The golden tree depicts new life and hope.  It is strong and yet has cracks in the branches that can break easily if the tree is abused or neglected.  Stars pore out from its cracks.

The 24 carat gold tiles in the tree and the stars are used to show that each life is precious.

The white tile in the background represents the hard winters that were endured by victims of the Holocaust and the void created by the loss of so many innocent people.

The roots of the tree represent strength in survival.  They are imbedded in shards of broken glass that are reminiscent of Kristal Nacht.

The burnt forest represents the destruction of all human decency and the death of millions.  The six tree stumps are an extension of the forest and represent the six million Jews whose lives were cut off before their time.

The golden tree cradles and shelters the burnt forest.

The mosaic of glass tiles represents the fragileness of the life experience and how easily our world can be torn apart.

By Evelyn Rauch, artist



The Mosaic Design is copyright protected.

Registration number: VAu1-Z69-337; certification date: May 2, 2016

US Register of Copyrights

Title: “Holocaust Forest of Remembrance”

Evelyn Rauch, 2-D artwork, mosaic